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Q. Why would I join the CJWU?

A. The CJWU is unique in that it is the only union that's focuses solely on its member, with an executive committee consisting of frontline staff from the Criminal Justice Sector.  We can represent you on all formal workplace meetings, such as disciplinary hearings and grievances.

Q. How can you only charge £7.50?

A. The CJWU aim to keep expenditure to a minimum in order to maximise members benefit's.  None of the CJWU Executive Committee receives Salary.  We use technology to hold meetings and carry out training which negates the need for expensive hotels and subsistence. 

Q. What is your representative network?

A. We have a growing number of local reps in workplaces throughout the country at your disposal. In areas where local committees have yet to be established, the Executive Committee will be on hand to assist you.

Q. Legal cover is an important factor for members. How confident can I be in your legal providers?

A. We've partnered up with one of the UK's leading Trade Union solicitors to ensure we have you covered at work and at home.  CJWU Legal Services offer employment law advice, personal injury, criminal/regulatory defence, discount rates for personal legal issues and a Tax advice service.   
Legal service can be accessed via our 24hrs helpline 0330 999 7159

Q. Do I get a CJWU pin badge?

A. Yes, all members will receive a union badge.

Q. Do I get a diary?

A. Yes, all members will receive a union diary. 

Q. Are you recognised by my employer?

A. We are an official recognised trade union which entitles us to represent our members in the workplace on a wide range of issues. It is true that we are not as yet fully recognised by some employers in respect of collective bargaining however, this will only be a matter of time as the size of our union continues to grow, and we are in the process of seeking recognition with the various employers our members work for.

Q. What if I need assistance but as yet my place of work does not have a committee set up?

A. Although our local committee structure is growing, in cases whereby no committee exists, members can contact any one of the executive who will be in hand to assist you.

Q. How confident are you of continued success?

A. Our success grows daily. We have successfully assembled an impressive executive committee consisting of dedicated, knowledgeable, skilful committed individuals to serve you. We have attained trade union recognition and, secured one of the top legal firms in the country. There is still a way to go and, with membership increasing daily, our success will also continue to increase.

Any further questions, please contact Info@cjwunion.co.uk

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